As a special situations and turnaround fund we focus on distressed or under-performing mid-sized established companies within a variety of traditional economy sectors, either service or product based.  As opportunistic fund we do not keep our investments for longer than three years so since 2003 we have invested in more than 30 companies from the following sectors of economy:

Airlines, Building Materials, Chemical, Contemporary Art, Distribution, Energy, Financial Services, Food & Drink, IT, Machinery, Media & TV, Metal, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Rail Transport, Steel Production,  Telecom,  Travel and Entertainment, Wood Processing.

Please be informed that this is our strict internal policy not to endorse or recommend the products or services of any company from our portfolio list. Since they are mainly distressed companies you deal with them on your own risk and our presence in the shareholding structure cannot be treated or perceived as any form of additional financial stability or recommendation for higher than standard risk exposure.